Find Your Identity

How do you see yourself? Do you like what you do or how you do it? What do you see in the mirror? Is your self-image wrapped up in the way you look? Do you often compare yourself with others? These are questions we should all ask ourselves.

These questions define our identity. Who are we and what is our purpose? Finding your identity is one of the most important things you will do in life. Our identity should never be based on the whims of society, but it should be rooted and grounded in Christ. God made us in His image and once we made Jesus our Lord and Savior, He gave us AUTHORITY over all the power of the enemy. (Luke 10:19) We should be bold, confident, fearless and full of purpose and drive.

The Kind has given us His “signet ring”, His “seal”, to exercise our authority and power over anyone who tries to come against our mission. Once we realize that is the kind of identity we need to have, nothing will be impossible for us. We will be unstoppable and our self-image will be healthy.

Our identity should not come from the movies we watch, social media, the news, our friends, or the music we listen to, it should come from the mouth and heart of God. What does He say about you? He says you were fearfully and wonderfully made and nothing is impossible for you. (Mark 9:23) Until you get the right identity ingrained into your mind, you should repeat that to yourself every day before you start the day.

SPEAK IT OUT LOUD! Hearing yourself say it is powerful and is the only way to reprogram your mind.
Here are some parting tips:

  • See yourself successful, smart and influential.
  • Walk in love.
  • Develop inner strength by daily meditating on the Word of God.
  • Understand your temperament, what makes you unique.
  • Redirect your thoughts every day to get rid of toxic thinking.