Finding Freedom

What does freedom look like to you? It can mean different things to different people.

We usually think of the freedoms we have in our country, such as freedom of religion, freedom of the press or freedom of speech. But what about in our minds? Are you free? Do you have complete peace and joy all the time?

Unless you’re free from condemnation of past mistakes and failures, or guilt and shame, you’re not really free. It can lead to many problems: addictions, depression, anxiety, codependency or anger. The truth is, there’s no real freedom unless we’re free within ourselves. Is your soul – your mind, will and emotions – healthy?

True freedom is only found on the other side of honesty. We have to be honest with ourselves, others and God in order to step out of dysfunctional attitudes and relationships. There is always a price tag for dishonesty. It can lead to codependency, which leads to dysfunction. It keeps relationships at a surface level, but in the end it’s only hurting ourselves and the strength and depth of the relationship. Saddest of all, it leads to spiritual sterility!

Our mental health journey is affected by how we grew up, who raised us, and what experiences we’ve had. Our family of origin affects everything about us.

Mammals always attach to their mothers in utero, and the amazing bond continues through other aspects of our lives; we also carry our parents’ beliefs, hurts and emotional bondage. Our beliefs are always introduced by our parents. And you will compare everything you learn to the first time you learned about it.

If there’s a loss, it influences you. It’s part of your story. Everything is influenced through parental experience. Since we are all affected by our parents’ woundings, it’s important to take a long hard look at our inner self and be honest about what’s affecting our mental, emotional and spiritual hang ups.

When we’re willing to be vulnerable and real with our hurts and pains, past failures and misconceptions, then we’ll begin the healing process. This will also help to restore our relationships. STOP HIDING! Expose the dark buried secrets that are causing you pain and shame. Find someone trustworthy – someone who can give you proper guidance – with whom you can open up.

There are 3 important steps in finding freedom:

  1. Confess: Speak of the problem, the memory or the failure.
  2. Repent: Decide to change direction and see it from a correct perspective.
  3. Redirect: Start new habits of thinking and doing. Pursue right thinking and doing.