Understanding Yourself Matters

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How It Works

You can expect a friendly, nonjudgmental, welcoming environment where we will assess, listen, make suggestions, and guide you in the best way that suits your situation.

The 50-minute sessions are as follows:

  • In the first session we go over policies/procedures, gather information, answer questions and take the APS assessment.
  • In the second session we go over the results of the assessment and answer any questions the counselee might have about his/her temperament traits.
  • The third session is focused on teaching and explaining the specific needs of the counselee.
  • In the fourth session we go over individual needs and determine whether they are being met correctly and suggestions are made on how best to meet those needs.
  • In the subsequent sessions we continue working through problem areas by identifying the roots and addressing any wrong thinking and changes that need to be made.

Monday РFriday  10am-7pm
In-Office or Video Appointments
generally available