What Do You Believe?

Do you ever stop to think about what your belief system is? What are the things that you hold on to in your mind without giving it any thought? What is your worldview?

What do you believe about God? About the universe? Is He involved in your life? What is your role in this life? What about your upbringing? Did it shape your view about people, relationships and your self-worth negatively? Do you have your very own identity, or is it wrapped up in your family, your church, your status, your education, your political party or your peers?

These are hard questions to tackle, but they are crucial in identifying your very own identity and becoming free and completely HEALED! When a person starts in the healing journey from any type of mental illness which often leads to addictions,depression and anxieties, one of the first things we address is his/her BELIEF SYSTEM.

These are the things we’ve grown to believe as truth over time. They come from the roots within us, and these roots originate from experiences we’ve had in our lifetime,most often in our childhood; things such as rejection, abandonment, any type of hurts,traumas or any type of abuse. We also develop beliefs based on what we are taught as children by our parents, teachers, pastors or other people of authority in our lives.

Unfortunately many of our beliefs are not only false, they are destructive. They destroy our chance of true success, fulfillment and freedom.Some examples of wrong belief systems are:I can’t trust men.The only person I can count on is myself.No relationship lasts forever, so when I get married I should always have a back door.God sometimes causes bad things to happen in my life to teach me something.I can’t really believe everything that God says in the Bible.

I’ll probably always be mediocre because no one in my family is very successful.And on and on. These beliefs hold you back more than you know. They shape your thoughts, hence your actions. This is how we end up depressed, addicted to alcohol, drugs, with broken marriages, rebellious children and physically sick all the time.

If you want to be FREE and succeed, here’s what to do: Challenge your belief systems. Do some research and figure out what the truth really is concerning all your beliefs. Don’t just take someone’s word for it. They could be wrong, deceived or trying to hold you back in some way. You’re your own person.

Don’t be afraid to break out of your family mold. Be brave. Establish your own belief system on a firm foundation.Remember: God has ALL THE ANSWERS. We just have to search them out!